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Tetcott and Luffincott

Notice from Holsworthy Community College PTFA (Request for help)

By Parish Clerk - Mrs J Smith Tetcott and Luffincott

Sunday, 23 September 2018


Tetcott and Luffincott Contributor


Hi there I am trying to help Holsworthy Community College PTFA recruit more help and wonder if this article could be published in your newsletter ? Holsworthy Community College is a key part of the local area and all the main components are trying their best to promote and improve this excellent school. Holsworthy Parent Teachers & Friends Association ( PTFA ) are playing their part but need more help and support to do the thing they love doing most........providing some much needed cash for the teachers and students of HCC ! Schools nowadays need as much help as they can get and HCC is no different but sometimes just 2 or 3 people can make an amazing difference ! Anybody who feels they could give some small amounts of time to the PTFA would be very welcome and please feel free to contact the Secretary, Linda Moran on linbmoran@hotmail.com

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Parish Clerk - Mrs J Smith

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